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XML Documentation Extension

Here are some extension off the build-in XML Documentation feature.
If you have ideas for more useful Extension, feel free to contact me.

Code Block Format
With the Code-Block format attribute you can say, in which programminglanguage you code example is written.
If you don't declare the format attribute the default format is C#.
<code format="...">
    Code example here
the following code-keyword and formats are aviable:
  • ASPX_Csharp
  • ASPX
  • Csharp (Default)
  • Cpp
  • HTML
  • SQL
  • JAVA
  • XML
  • PHP
  • CSS

Hyperlink Block
With the hyperlink block you can make links to Codeplex Internal resources (page, picture, file) or to external (weblink, picture).
You can use it in the code or at the end as link-collection.
<hyperlink type="..." url="..." label="...">ReplaceString</hyperlink>
The type-attribute say what a type of link schould replace on this position. The following types are aviable:
  • WebLink
  • InternalFileLink
  • ImageLink
  • InternalPageLink
  • InternalDiscussionLink
  • InternalReleaseLink
  • InternalWorkItemLink

Here you write the link to the resource you want link
the label will show in the documenet as the Link-text
If you use the hyperlink in a Text, you can declare here a identifer string for the place where the link schould stay.
here some text 
<hyperlink type="..." url="..." label="Label for the Link">ReplaceString</hyperlink>
around the link
In the generated XML Documentation it looks like this:
here some text ReplaceString around the link
<hyperlink type="..." url="..." label="Label for the Link">ReplaceString</hyperlink>
In the Wiki it will look like this:
here some text Label for the Link around the link.

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